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Bruce Nauman

As a preview to my presentation, Text as Art, I thought I would talk a little about one of the artists I will be looking at next week.  Bruce does not confine himself to any particular style or method in his art making.  Nauman started creating in the 60's and has body of work more diverse than any artist I have personally encountered.   Bruce Nauman makes all kinds of things, ranging from LED light signs, to performative works, to interactive spacial sculpture and video art.  Nauman's work can be best unified through a philosophical lens.  Bruce, although he would be embarrassed to hear it, is a big inspiration of mine.  One reason for this is his way of not taking himself or his art too seriously.  Nauman really knows how to let himself go and work just for the sake of doing so.  He has said himself that his urge to simply be working with his hands has been the beginning of some of his greatest pieces.  Nauman's concepts include exploring feelings of confusion, frustrati…

stick man

my pieces

Mismatched, outdated, and broken jewelry (with some glitter) arranged in the grass.

Decriminalizing Pot Saves Philly $2 Million

Under Philadelphia's new Marijuana laws, it is legal to posses up to 30 grams of pot without being prosecuted.  The offenders are given the alternative option of attending a 3 hour drug class in exchange for a clear record.  This class does cost $200, but this is an improvement compared to the previous fines that added up to over $500.  Police officers approve of the new system and now have more time and energy to use arresting serious criminals.  Police also told the public that there has been no noticeable negative impact on the community.

Scott Scarboro

I enjoyed our visit from the artist Scott Scarboro.  I took a particular interest in what Scott said about using what you have and I like his fearless approach.  He likes to tinker with things and learn how to work out problems as he goes.  Scott's projects with children's toys are cute in a dysfunctional way, or as he says they are "homely".  The incorporation of materials of personal importance is a subtle way to give art layered meaning.  Scott's decision to use materials already in his posession a practical choice that teaches us that you shouldn't have to go to the store to get art supplies.  He is an inspiring artist for his relaxed attitude and ability to have fun with his projects.