Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Social Media Therapy?

Blogging is Theraputic for Teens by Scott Sincoff

Being new to blogging, I would have to say it has made a nice outlet.  Most news stories about the internet's social scene involve cyber bullying or the negative implications of social media on today's adolescents.  Scott Sincoff's article looks to the positive effects of social media on the lives of teenagers.  A recent study conducted by The University of Hafia in Isreal selected stressed out high school either write in a blog or an old-fashioned diary.  Two groups of students were told to write about their emotions or social conflicts in a blog twice a week.  Another two groups were told to blog about whatever was on their mind.  The other groups were told to keep a traditional, private diary.  Results of the experiment yeilded that students who were able to publicly write about their personal troubles experienced a greater mood improvement versus those who kept a private diary.  Greatest stress relief came to those who recieved comments from their peers, most comments were uplifting and constructive.

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