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Social Media Therapy?

Blogging is Theraputic for Teens by Scott Sincoff

Being new to blogging, I would have to say it has made a nice outlet.  Most news stories about the internet's social scene involve cyber bullying or the negative implications of social media on today's adolescents.  Scott Sincoff's article looks to the positive effects of social media on the lives of teenagers.  A recent study conducted by The University of Hafia in Isreal selected stressed out high school either write in a blog or an old-fashioned diary.  Two groups of students were told to write about their emotions or social conflicts in a blog twice a week.  Another two groups were told to blog about whatever was on their mind.  The other groups were told to keep a traditional, private diary.  Results of the experiment yeilded that students who were able to publicly write about their personal troubles experienced a greater mood improvement versus those who kept a private diary.  Greatest stress relief came to those who recieved comments from their peers, most comments were uplifting and constructive.


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Betty Beaumont

Betty Beaumont has been referred to as one of the leading figures in environmental art.  The Canadian born artist lives and works in the states.  Beaumont graduated from Berkeley in the 70's with degrees in environment arts, as well as architecture.
Green Museum: Betty Beaumont
Teddy Bear Island 1973

Teddy Bear Island is an underwater island; submerged due to the construction of a dam, nearby.  The artist uses a fragmented space, resulting in the viewer's need to move around in order to see all aspects of the work.  The intended experience of Teddy Bear Island, is to be one of an introspective nature.  The viewer is to evaluate their personal belief systems due to the unique environment produced by Beaumont.  The yellow cables are a metaphorical demarcation of the land.  Beaumont's photography of the underwater scene evokes a sense of mystery.  Beaumont wants to challenge socially constructed norms and does so by taking art outside of the typical gallery setting.

Entry #3

My first philosophy class at U of L was Intro to Philosophy, taught by Professor Arthur Johnson (a.k.a.: A.T.J.)*.  As those who introduce you to something you grow to love often do, ATJ left a lasting impression on me.  Before learning about influential philosophers, like Nietzsche,  ATJ would often start his lecture by saying something along the lines of, "There could be an entire class taught on this philosopher, but since we only have 50 minutes today...".
*If you have an interest in philosophy and can handle an 8:00 a.m. class (this is the only time that his class is offered) I highly recommend that you take Professor Johnson's course!!  It is PHIL 
Why, you might ask, am I talking about a teacher a had a year ago? Today, after having the oppurtunity to attend Osborne Wiggins' lecture on Nietzsche's Birth of Tragedy, A.T.J.'s quote was validated.  I could spend a whole academic year in a class about Nietzsche and the thinkers who followed his lead, continu…

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"Dancing with the Wallpaper"
Acrylic on canvas, 2018
Amanda Riff

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